it just got real(ly intense)

February 11, 2015

So yesterday was the last day of Phase 1 of Advocare, which was the Cleanse Phase.  Thank GOD I do not have to take that nasty, nasty fiber drink anymore.  If anyone wants to know what it tastes like, just throw up into a cup and let it get room temperature, then drink.
(that may be an exaggeration, but still.  that's what it felt like to me.)

Today, I start the Max Phase.
Last night, when I opened up the boxes for this phase, I literally was like WHAT IN THE ACTUAL?????  There are like, vitamins out the wazoo!  (Ben said it looked like some kind of AIDS cocktail, which he was sort of right.)  Color packs, white packs, both packs, take before breakfast, take before lunch, take at lunch, etc... 
*blank stare*
*still blankly staring into space*

Once I pulled myself together enough to figure out what was happening, I legit put them into huge freezer bags and threw them in a tote to carry around with me.  How am I supposed to keep up with all of this?!  Thank God, once again, for the 24 Day Challenge app on my phone.  I'd be a hot mess, taking the wrong vitamins at the wrong time and jacking everything up.

I'm about to start my period, so I'm super bloated and moody.
This does not help with weight loss, in case y'all didn't know.
I find myself wanting to just eat every last thing in the house.  
I can't even right now.

I'm still sitting at 204 and if I'm being honest, I was really expecting to be under 200 by this point in the challenge.  But hey, it's okay.

I still have to remind myself of the old saying that no one wants to hear or talk about, "muscle weighs more than fat."  And I have been hitting the gym pretty hard, so hopefully that's what's happening.

Not much else has been happening around these parts.  I've been working late because a girl changed departments and I've been doing her job and my job until the new girl starts next Monday.  I really like being busy, so I've actually enjoyed it.

I also feel like it's time for a new look around this blog, but what else is new.  I reallllly need to learn some basic design skills so I don't have to pay every time, but oh well.  I guess it's okay for now, but every time I look at someone else's design I really want to change mine.  I have such a finicky personality.

Ok loves, I guess that's all she wrote for today!
(no pun intended...)

SW:  311
CW:  204
GW:  150
54 to go.
(but seriously, hurry up.)

I have nothing to talk about, but here I am.

February 5, 2015

Maybe that's only half true, because let's face it, I could talk circles around myself at any given time.
*big fat sigh*

So I've been doing this Advocare Challenge and I'm on Day 5.
I will admit, I feel different.

It may be purely mental, who knows, but I feel great.
My mood is a thousand times better than a week ago.
Last week I was grumpy and ill and tired all the time.
And this week, I have energy.  Like, a lot.  And I'm happy.
Maybe it's both the challenge and the fact that I'm back to being active after 4 months of being extremely stationary.  Talk about depressing, y'all.
and did I mention that I've lost 4 pounds in 4 days?  because I have.

Let's see, what else is happening in my world...
Ben and I worked out for two hours last night.
That has never, ever happened in my entire life.
Not even when I was working out with Gene The Personal Trainer.

Speaking of personal training, I talked to my trainer friend Brett at the gym last night about getting back into it, and after our conversation I realized it is going to be several months (like, maybe six or more...) before I will be cleared by my doctor to work out with a trainer.  Thank God I remember all the stuff Gene taught me.  I'm glad that Brett said that though.  I would never want to think that a trainer took my money (because trainer's are damn expensive) knowing I had a healing knee injury and let me go jump around and run and get crazy without my best interest at heart.  So I know when the time is right, my doctor will clear me and I will be able to actually afford a trainer.  When you don't work for two months and then work part time for two more months, there isn't a whole lot of money coming in.  So I'm putting all of my injury/health/fitness/recovery goals into perspective and just pushing forward.  What else would I do, anyway?

(the answer to that is lay in bed and watch endless episodes of Vanderpump Rules.  because it's my favorite piece of trash TV ever.)

I also tried to make a video this morning before work about everything happening in my world (see above, duh) and the fuh-reakin' batteries died on me AT THE VERY END OF THE VIDEO.  So I'm not going to post that.  Plus. I still don't know how to edit a video, sooo.... 

love, love, love!

SW: 311
CW: 204
GW: 150
54 to go


February 2, 2015

Does anyone remember the movie Shag?
It's from 1989, when I was 3, but when I was older I would watch it on VHS nonstop.
I wanted to be Pudge so bad.
I never thought she was fat, but everyone around her thought she was chubby.
She was so insecure until she found the right guy to Shag with.
Man, I just loved that movie.

Now, I haven't seen that movie in a few years (which is a real shame, to be honest) but I still use the word "pudge" quite often.
Today, when I was looking in the mirror, I found my pudge.
My stomach from below my boobs to mid belly is flat, and then there's a damn pudge!
This has to go.  It just simply is not welcome here anymore.
I'm really looking forward to being back in the gym and working on my fitness.

Oh, also, does anyone watch Total Divas on the E! channel?
I'm obsessed with that show.
I never thought I'd like it because, let's be honest, I don't like the WWE.
But this is more about the lives of these girls, and there is one girl in particular who I am using as my fitness goal.
She's FREAKING gorgeous and I feel like we would be BFF's in real life.
This girl, Eva Marie:

Okay, now am I ever going to look like that?
Maybe not.
But I'm damn sure going to try!
I can't even help but say it:  that girl is just hot!
I totally can appreciate another beautiful woman, and I even really like her fire red hair!

So I got Ben to take my picture, because I thought what better time for an updated progress picture?
Starting Advocare, getting back in the gym, and eating clean is making me feel great.
So I'm going to keep tracking my progress as I go.
And try to get rid of that freaking pudge... 

SW: 311
CW: 207.5
GW: 150
57.5 to go

Advocare Video Diary: Day 1

February 1, 2015

hey y'all!
well, I did it.
I filmed a video.
God help us.

I realized while watching the video that my mouth is weird when I talk and I sometimes (most of the time?) sound very country, even though I'm a city girl.
I guess that doesn't matter when you're from Alabama, huh?

just a few one things:
the video is 15 minutes long.  
I legit talk way too much.

anyway, hope you guys enjoy.
if you make it through the whole thing, then props to you!
and if you don't make it through the whole thing, but you've done Advocare, let me know how you survived the Fiber Drink.  
dear Jesus, it's like being terribly punished... 

okay, here we go!