I have nothing to talk about, but here I am.

February 5, 2015

Maybe that's only half true, because let's face it, I could talk circles around myself at any given time.
*big fat sigh*

So I've been doing this Advocare Challenge and I'm on Day 5.
I will admit, I feel different.

It may be purely mental, who knows, but I feel great.
My mood is a thousand times better than a week ago.
Last week I was grumpy and ill and tired all the time.
And this week, I have energy.  Like, a lot.  And I'm happy.
Maybe it's both the challenge and the fact that I'm back to being active after 4 months of being extremely stationary.  Talk about depressing, y'all.
and did I mention that I've lost 4 pounds in 4 days?  because I have.

Let's see, what else is happening in my world...
Ben and I worked out for two hours last night.
That has never, ever happened in my entire life.
Not even when I was working out with Gene The Personal Trainer.

Speaking of personal training, I talked to my trainer friend Brett at the gym last night about getting back into it, and after our conversation I realized it is going to be several months (like, maybe six or more...) before I will be cleared by my doctor to work out with a trainer.  Thank God I remember all the stuff Gene taught me.  I'm glad that Brett said that though.  I would never want to think that a trainer took my money (because trainer's are damn expensive) knowing I had a healing knee injury and let me go jump around and run and get crazy without my best interest at heart.  So I know when the time is right, my doctor will clear me and I will be able to actually afford a trainer.  When you don't work for two months and then work part time for two more months, there isn't a whole lot of money coming in.  So I'm putting all of my injury/health/fitness/recovery goals into perspective and just pushing forward.  What else would I do, anyway?

(the answer to that is lay in bed and watch endless episodes of Vanderpump Rules.  because it's my favorite piece of trash TV ever.)

I also tried to make a video this morning before work about everything happening in my world (see above, duh) and the fuh-reakin' batteries died on me AT THE VERY END OF THE VIDEO.  So I'm not going to post that.  Plus. I still don't know how to edit a video, sooo.... 

love, love, love!

SW: 311
CW: 204
GW: 150
54 to go


  1. Inspirational doesn't even begin to describe how I much feels I have for you and this time. I'm seriously considering Advocare!

  2. I am so glad to hear you are feeling better!!! I am thinking maybe I should try the Advocare route? I have been skeptical but someone I actually know is doing it so I am listening more.

    I finally got to watch your video the other day. I just heart you :) I say do more!

  3. I'm with Nadine! More videos!!!! I'm so glad you're feeling better!!!