progress so far.

January 25, 2014

I can no longer wear either of these pants.  They literally fall down off my body.

this was an awesome feeling.

this felt even better.  still working hard and kicking butt at the gym.

I feel awesome!  Working on getting my tummy smaller and really "sweating for the wedding."
And just to put it into perspective for you kids... 

I cropped a whole group of people from that photo, which is why it looks stretched.  Ben even said, "that's widened!"  Unfortunately not.  That was my size.  I'm not even sure how much I weighed at that point.

SW:  311
CW:  229
-82 lbs


  1. Meighan! Oh my goodness, the difference! You are killing it, girl! Less than 30 lbs until you're in the 100 range! GET IT!

  2. Oh my gosh!!!! You are almost to 100 lbs, that is so awesome!

  3. I gotta get as brave as you and post a few before and after pics. Thanx for inspiring all us girls and not giving up.

  4. Congrats on the loss(es)! You are doing soooo great! :)

  5. Girl you are doing great!!!! Such an inspiration to read your posts!!! I am hoping some time this year to be able to post noticeable before and after terrified as I am do point out all the ick in my before ones...

    Keep up your rock star status! You are so close to 100 lbs! Craziness!

  6. You look amazing! You're such a rock star!!

  7. Megan you are kicking ass and taking names! This is seriously so awesome and I'm so proud of you!!

  8. Wow! You are really awesome! How did you do that? I'm so proud of you, thanks for sharing and inspiring to all of us. Can't wait to see your next post.

  9. So when you changed your blog, I totally thought I had been following you but apparently I've just been reading from Twitter. So now I'm officially back to following you and you look absolutely phenomenal! I was actually telling a friend about how amazing you've done with your weight loss journey and how inspiring you are! Keep pushing - and keep "sweating for the wedding". Maybe you doing it will kick my butt into the gym for October, too?! :)