10 Things I Love About Myself

April 1, 2014

I started writing this post about all the times that life has been hard for me... being overweight, trying to be someone I'm not, etc... But I don't want to write that post today.  I've talked a lot about how far I've come and some of the challenges I've faced, but today I want to just give myself some props.  I think it's important that we stop, just once in a while, and remind ourselves why we are awesome.  I've toughed out a lot of things, but I also have so many things to be happy and thankful for.
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  1. My legs.  This is a weird one for me, especially to put at number one, but I love my legs!  They have cellulite, but they are thinning out so much.  I feel comfortable in shorts and I feel confident going into warm weather.  No more long pants in 100 degree weather for this chick! 
  2. My hair.  We've had quite the journey, but my hair is growing back!  With the right products and lots of protein and vitamins, this hair is making a comeback!  
  3. My willpower.  I have never exhibited willpower like I have now; never in my life.  I am more inclined to push myself at the gym, and to go to the gym even when I don't feel like it.  Example:  last night.  I went to the grocery store, came home and had no intention of going to the gym.  But I knew I needed to, so I went.  Willpower, people.
  4. My strength.  Not physical strength, although I can tell a big difference in how strong I've become, but my mental strength.  My strength of soul, if you will.  I just feel strong and good, like I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.  (news flash:  I can.  and so can you.)
  5. My support system.  My fiance, my best friend, my parents, my coworkers, my Facebook friends, my blogging friends, my family; so many people inspire me and motivate me without even knowing it.  And I take ownership over the fact that these people are incredible individuals who I love dearly.
  6. My obsession with healthy food.  Honestly, it's just something I never thought would happen.  Fage Greek Yogurt, I'm looking at you.
  7. My perseverance.  This applies to two sections of my life:  weight loss and school.  In both areas, I've wanted to give up so many times.  But here I am, pushing forward with 97 less pounds and a 4.0 GPA.  Self-doubt is stupid, y'all!
  8. My willpower.  Did I already say this one?  Okay, I did, but did I mention that I haven't had a soft drink- my biggest pre-surgery weakness!- since two weeks before surgery?  True story.  I thought it would be my toughest obstacle, but I've never even looked back.  Sorry Dr. Pepper, I don't miss you.
  9. My confidence.  Short and simple, it's skyrocketed.  And I feel amazing.
  10. My happiness.  I'm genuinely, insanely, crazy amounts of happy.
Thank you, Lord, for this blessed life.

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  1. Love. Love Love. I love everything about this post!

  2. I'm not sure I can even begin to tell you how much I love this post!!! It's such a good idea to remind yourself of all of your good qualities and things you're proud of! This make me want to do this!! Love, love this! Thank you for linking up with this post! I think everyone needs to read it and do this!!

  3. oh, Dr. Pepper. I could never let go of that love affair. I am so proud of you and have loved watching you become this strong, incredible woman!! You're such an inspiration!!

  4. Something I love about myself? hmmm, my ability to step away from the scales and know that sometimes they lie. Getting fitter and healthier is my goal now, not just to lose more weight. (Who am I kidding tho, I wanna lose more weight!!)

  5. THIS. IS. PURE. AWESOMENES. For real though, I'm so excited you're celebrating yourself because you deserve it! I'm with you on willpower, it's something I've developed and now have grown to love about myself. Even if we don't feel like hitting up the gym, we do it anyway to better ourselves. Kudos to you woman!

  6. What an awesome post! I love it. It is good to focus on the things you like about yourself since it always seems like women are picking themselves apart. I would say... I love that I can talk to anyone, I will legit talk to you in the checkout line at Publix.

  7. Great post! I think we all need to do this from time to time.

  8. Great post great list!! We all have good things about ourselves that too often get washed out by the things we don't like. I also thought I'd never ever eat Fage yogurt. Eww! Not it's a daily thing.

  9. I really love this post. I've been seeing a lot of these and I am glad that women are stopping to do this. I know that I would have a very hard time with making a list like this! It's beautiful.

    Sarah | www.seriouslysarah.net

  10. This makes me SO happy for you lady! Reading your blog in these last couple of weeks has given me inspiration. You are an amazing woman!

  11. Wow, what an amazing post!! You have every reason in the world to feel as great as I can tell you do. As I was reading, I wondered how in the world I'd come up with ten things for myself. For my one, I'll say I have a sense of humor. Sometimes it's off the wall, but I own it ;-)

  12. MEIGHY. I just love you so big. This is such a great post and a great thought for everyone to simply love themselves. We are all different and we should love what we are. You are such an inspiration to me and I love that I have Y-O-U in my life and as a friend during this journey <3