February 2, 2015

Does anyone remember the movie Shag?
It's from 1989, when I was 3, but when I was older I would watch it on VHS nonstop.
I wanted to be Pudge so bad.
I never thought she was fat, but everyone around her thought she was chubby.
She was so insecure until she found the right guy to Shag with.
Man, I just loved that movie.

Now, I haven't seen that movie in a few years (which is a real shame, to be honest) but I still use the word "pudge" quite often.
Today, when I was looking in the mirror, I found my pudge.
My stomach from below my boobs to mid belly is flat, and then there's a damn pudge!
This has to go.  It just simply is not welcome here anymore.
I'm really looking forward to being back in the gym and working on my fitness.

Oh, also, does anyone watch Total Divas on the E! channel?
I'm obsessed with that show.
I never thought I'd like it because, let's be honest, I don't like the WWE.
But this is more about the lives of these girls, and there is one girl in particular who I am using as my fitness goal.
She's FREAKING gorgeous and I feel like we would be BFF's in real life.
This girl, Eva Marie:

Okay, now am I ever going to look like that?
Maybe not.
But I'm damn sure going to try!
I can't even help but say it:  that girl is just hot!
I totally can appreciate another beautiful woman, and I even really like her fire red hair!

So I got Ben to take my picture, because I thought what better time for an updated progress picture?
Starting Advocare, getting back in the gym, and eating clean is making me feel great.
So I'm going to keep tracking my progress as I go.
And try to get rid of that freaking pudge... 

SW: 311
CW: 207.5
GW: 150
57.5 to go


  1. You are looking good lady! I know what you mean about that pudge. I am trying to get rid of mine too. I can't wait to hear what you think about the Advocare cleanse. I know several people who have done it and for the most part they have all liked it and used it as a way to reset themselves and get back on track. I had debated about it a few times but I always think that I can do it on my own but I only last a few days. I bet if I were paying to do it I would do better haha.

    That girl is gorgeous. I think it is great to have a fitness person to look up to. I would surely take her abs *wink* You got this!!!

  2. I've always struggled with a pudge, and being the "bigger" girl in the group of friends from high school and college. I somehow managed to find friends who weighed 100-130 pounds soaking wet. But you, girl. You are looking awesome! I mean, that before and after picture is inspiration alone. I'm so glad you're back on the healthy track, I need to get there too!

  3. Ahhh, you look soooooo good!!! I love how you put your mind to it, and you're sticking to it!! As hot as that chickie is, I'm going to look up to you instead. :)

  4. My wife likes to watch Total Diva. We're both wrestling fans, so it works for us.

  5. I remember Shag and loved it too! But. it's been AGES since I saw it. I think it deserves a re-watch for sure.
    I think you look great! You are definitely making more of an effort than I am, and it shows. Keep it up!

  6. You look so incredible! Awesome job lady. I think I need to find that movie as I have never seen it.