late night blogging.

March 14, 2014

...And by late night, I mean 8:45 on a Friday.  Seriously guys, par-tay.

I'm over here, in my nightgown, watching episodes of New Girl on Netflix.  (best show ever, BTW.)  Tomorrow morning is the Rumpshaker 5k, and I am so nervous.  Honestly, you'd think it was a half marathon or something.  It's like, 3 miles... But still.  I am going to be walking AND jogging.  And this time, not just once around the neighborhood.  Right now, 3 miles seems so far.

I set a goal for the new year to complete a 5k by not just walking, so tomorrow is my chance.  It probably wasn't the best idea to work out with Gene The Personal Trainer on Wednesday and then do the hardest BodyFlow class ever yesterday.  My legs, hips and back are so sore.  So I have no idea how I will feel after the race tomorrow.  I haven't even properly "trained" to run/jog for any legit amount of time.  Plus, we have to look at wedding cakes and attend our sweet little friend's 3rd birthday party.  After that, I'm pretty sure I'm going to crash.  Ben and the St. Patty's Day party will have to go survive without me.  It's for the best, I can't even drink anyway.

So yeah.  Wish me luck, kids.  This girl is about to complete her first intermittently walked/jogged 5k.

Jesus help.


  1. You've got this! You can 100% do this. Also, you are my hero <3

  2. You're gonna do awesome! With you there in spirit ;-)

  3. love the new blog name! always a work of progress!

  4. I'm sure you did great! Can't wait to hear about it! :)

  5. I believe, you believe, we all believe in you! HEY!! :) Have a great time!!

  6. Can't wait to hear how you did! I bet you did great!

    New Girl is my favorite! I love it!!