Sunday Currently.

March 16, 2014

Well, this weekend has certainly been one for the books.  I completed my second 5k ever, this time not just walking for the full 3 miles.  I jogged.  My best guy friend and his wife had a baby, which technically makes me an aunt!  (It counts, people.) And we booked our cake baker for the wedding!

Today has been fairly uneventful.  I helped Ben with some yard work earlier today-  and when I say helped, I mean I directed him on which branches to saw off the unfortunately dead tree in front of our house.  I also watched several more episodes of New Girl from the first season and laughed uncontrollably.  Honestly, that's the best discovery I've made in a while.  I want to say Schmidt is my favorite, but is there really a way to pick out of that cast?

Later we will grocery shop, do laundry, and get ready for another week. Honestly, I'm already done with this week.  Friday I am going with my BFF/MOH to see Divergent and I am so excited.  I just finished the last book in the series and I can't wait to see the movie.  Another great discovery, I must say.  If you haven't read the books, I would definitely suggest them!  They sound similar to the Hunger Games, but once you get into them, they really aren't that similar.  (Plus, if you haven't heard of Theo James, google him.  Seriously.  Hot.)  We are also going to Atlanta on Saturday for Six Flags and a spend the night party with our friends Brian and Jessica who just moved there.  

Lastly, I figured I would do something today I haven't done in a while:  The Sunday Currently.  I probably won't do it every Sunday, but today seemed like a good day.  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

OH!  I almost forgot... my weight finally dropped out of the 220-somethings! (Not that much, but still...) I was pretty excited when I saw that this morning and am eating healthy today in HOPES that it will stay under 220 tomorrow.

SW:  311
CW:  219
-92 lbs


  • READING:  "First Love" by James Patterson.  I am such a huge fan of his books.  I'm only a few chapters in, but I am always a sucker for any kind of love story.  I also bought "The Cuckoo Calling" a while back and think I will make that my goal book for April.
  • WRITING:  A few different posts about what has been going on with me lately.  I think I mentioned some of my future posts earlier.  Also, really wanting to write in the journal I've had since I was 17.  It was a gift from my grandmother and it has so many memories written in it.
  • LISTENING:  To golf in the background.  I like to watch it on TV but it seems like it would be so incredibly boring to actually "play" in person.  Ben loves it though.
  • THINKING:  How I should really be finishing up my assignments for this week.  The Computer Information Systems class and U.S. History class are really, really boring.  So it's hard to get motivated.  
  • SMELLING:  My Vera Wang 'Princess' perfume that I bought last weekend from Ulta.  I only ever buy the rollerballs and never the full bottles-  I change my mind too much to spend the money on a full bottle.
  • WISHING:  That my body wasn't so sore from the 5k yesterday.  I have lost so much weight and conditioned my body so much, but somehow walking and jogging made my body just hurt.  Running is definitely a whole different ball game when it comes to fitness.  Your body has to be conditioned in such a specific way for running.
  • HOPING:  This week flies by!  There is fun to be had this weekend, people! 
  • WEARING:  The most comfy lounge pants ever from Old Navy and a fresh coat of Essie "E-nuf is E-nuf" on my toes from my recent pedicure.  Loooove this color.  Not pink and not red.  Just right for transitioning from Winter to Spring.
  • LOVING:  Dasani Water Drops in Pineapple Coconut.  I am someone who really likes flavors rather than just plain water, and this is delicious.
  • WANTING:  Fage Greek Yogurt with Cherry.  Have y'all had these?  They are yogurt on one side and fruit on the other.  You can mix them or dip them.  The peach is fantastic but the cherry is so incredibly delicious.  I'm craving it right about now.
  • NEEDING:  The sun to come out.  This girl could use some Vitamin D!
  • FEELING:  Happy.  Genuinely happy and blessed.  Life is good, I'm setting and achieving goals for the first time in my life and it feels amazing.


  1. love this! that perfume seems like it smells great!

  2. So proud of you dropping out of the 220s! I don't care if it was 219.9, it's still under 220 and that's what matters!!

  3. Yay for getting out of the 220's! Girl you are so close to the 100 lb mark!!

    I love Fage! It is the only Greek yogurt I can stand to eat! My favorite is the blueberry acai...I like the cherry too! I haven't tried the peach because I thought peach would be weird in yogurt...but maybe I should rethink that?

    Go you on the 5k! I would love to do one some day but running is just not my thing. It kills my knees.

  4. Congrats on jogging (which is still running) the whole 5k!! Yes, I love those Fage Yogurt cups. There is soooo much protein and it makes it taste great without adding too much sugar.

  5. I ran a 5k at the weekend too. How'd ur time go? Its a great buzz when you finish it, isn't it? Well done xx

  6. I miss doing races so much! I need to sign up for a 5k soon, so I can get back into it!

  7. Good job dropping out of the 220s! I love the Fage Strawberry Yummm!