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March 12, 2014

Today was stressful for lots of reasons... wedding stuff.  Work stuff.  Started my period.  Ya know, the usual... But I have also been trying to give this blog a proper .com name and I have had THE HARDEST time ever.  Like, thanks for being so stubborn, stupid internet.

Apparently, I put the settings in right (I think), but the internet has to "rediscover" my blog under that name.  Or something?  Who knows.  Hopefully, soon you will all be seeing "www.themeighanproject.com" up there in your search box.  Thanks to Sam, Brooks and Whitney for all trying to help me!  One day I won't be so clueless.  (I sure did lose all that MySpace/Livejournal design/domain knowledge I had so many years ago...)

Anywho.  I didn't really feel like working out today, but after the unfortunate Twix incident of Monday, I figured I may as well go see Gene and let him kick my butt once again.  (and boy did he!  woof.)  AND.  Get ready for it... 

I RAN.  ok I walked/jogged/walked/jogged around the neighborhood one time, but I've never done that before!  And aside from the mild asthma attack I had back at the house, I felt amazing!  My feet moved like they never had before.  My arms swung by my side with ease, thrusting me further down the street.  It was exhilarating.  And I didn't die, which is cool too.

I'm still stuck at a low 220-something, so I'm not even going to post my weight.  Talk about being at a stalemate.  It's been WEEKS.  I'm not even frustrated anymore.  I mean, I'm working out and losing inches and becoming more fit.  The weight will come off with time.

To end the post, I wanted to tell y'all some posts you can look for in the near future!

  • How I Saved My Hair Post Gastric Bypass
  • Your Questions Answered Vlog Style
  • Rumpshaker 5k Recap


  1. This is so exciting! I can't think of a better feeling than doing something you so dread and defying it. To feel that adrenaline rush. So proud of you!

  2. I think that's exciting too! I've had that urge to run too, but I'm just not there. You have such a healthy perspective about the weight loss ... you're doing the right stuff so it will come off. Sometimes it's hard to see that in the moment, but I completely relate to that. I've had two weeks of no weight loss and I have been frustrated, so this was a good reminder.

  3. Running feels so bad before and during, but afterwards there is such a buzz!! Keep going. xx

  4. Go you! I hate running. I hate it because I just cant do it. Bad knees and asthma are the excuses that I like to use to not partake in such a horrible form of torture. One day.....one day I am going to force myself to learn to do it. One day....

  5. Doesn't it feel AMAZING to make it thru even the smallest run? I tried running for a minute straight on the treadmill and I cried afterwards. CRIED. PROUD OF YOU <3