get over it and do some Zumba.

February 21, 2014

So my last post was all "wah wah wah" and I'd like to report that I'm feeling much better.  This week has been a good week.  I was feeling emotional early this week, yes, because I was (and still sort of am) scared of what my life will be like without Gene The Personal Trainer.  But I can't have him forever.  I can't afford that kind of expense-  especially with the wedding and school tuition.  So I'm going to do what any big girl would do and get over it.

I did two classes at the gym this week, which really boosted my confidence.  The first one I did was Zumba.  The idea of Zumba is not new to me:  I know what the class entails, I know what to expect and I know I have enough rhythm to get me through the class.  Last time I did Zumba, I was so overweight that I barely made it through the entire class and felt like I was dying the whole time.  My knee was already somewhat injured from an old injury, and after the class the pain was almost unbearable.  This go round with Zumba was totally different and extremely refreshing.  I felt good, I felt ready and the instructor was pretty awesome.  I danced and moved and jumped and sweated my butt off.  Long story short, I felt amazing.  I went through the whole class and felt energized.  I didn't feel like I was going to die.  My knee didn't hurt.  I didn't even have to step out to get water.  It was exactly what I needed to snap out of my emotional-can-I-do-this-alone mood and snap into I-can-do-anything mode.  It was a high that I hadn't felt in a long time.

this video is 55 min, but just to get an idea of what my class was like]

The second class I did last night and it was called BodyFlow.  It was a mix of tai-chi, yoga and pilates.  It was difficult, because you move your muscles a certain way and stretch different ways and work on your breathing techniques, but I can definitely feel the soreness today.  Moving my body in a way that I never have before made me feel even more confident in what I can do and what my body can do.  It was challenging and relaxing all at the same time.  And the best part was the end:  10 full minutes of meditation.  Do I look like I've ever meditated before?  Uh, no.  But this was amazing.  I laid on my back and, as the instructor said, let gravity take control of my body and breathing.  And as weird as it sounds (to me, anyway) it totally worked.  I found myself extremely relaxed and in a different state, but I wasn't asleep.  It was pretty awesome.

[this video is just a minute or so, but it's the exact same thing I did last night]

Needless to say, I will definitely be doing both classes again.  I am going to figure out how to train on my own, I'm going to take these classes, and I'm going to keep pushing.  I can't quit now... I'm just getting started.

SW:  311
CW:  222.5
-88.5 lbs


  1. I am so glad you are feeling better! I know that you got this and you can do this on your own. You should look at Gene as your starting point, your launch pad....not your prime. Zumba sounds so fun! I was thinking about getting the Zumba game for our Xbox to have a way to move on the weekends since I sort of keep my work outs Monday- Friday.

  2. You rock! I smiled as a I read your post seeing you get your power back. Such an inspiration ;-)

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  4. How awesome! So glad you are feeling better--You rock that Zumba!

  5. I've never tried zumba (they offer it at times when I can't go to the gym) but it looks like so much fun! When I first started working (by myself) out it was hard at first but once you get your routine down it's easy, and sometimes even fun!

  6. Yay!! We all have those days when we just feel down. It's always nice to vent then get over it & move on. You can do this. You have started a journey that is very rewarding & can be frustrating too. The frustrating parts are few & get farther between. I promise. You are inspiring others!!!