not a size 10 or a size 4, but I did get new tennis shoes...

February 23, 2014

  • Polar Watch $57.99 Best Buy (I didn't like the pink one, so I just got the one "for men."  I honestly didn't see a difference and this one was about $30 cheaper.)
  • Nike Flyknight Lunar1+ Turquoise $160.00 Dick's Sporting Goods (purchased from Lady Foot Locker)
  • Workout Tanks $16.99/each Old Navy (I bought those two in the store and then bought two others from the website)
  • Sports Bras $10/each Old Navy
  • "Pardon My French" tee $14 on clearance Lane Bryant (super cute and comfy for working out!)
So I got my tax return back on Friday and needless to say, I went a little crazy buying new workout gear.  I am officially that girl who is obsessed with workout clothing.  Which, I guess there could be worse things to be obsessed over, right?

Let me rewind a little.  I went Saturday morning with my cousins and maid of honor to let them pick out their bridesmaid dresses.  I just so happened to ask the bridal shop owner about the sizes of their dresses, explaining that I had gone through weight loss surgery and wasn't sure what "size" I was.  She said that their dresses are around a size 10.  Ok, well that didn't sound so bad.  I know I'm not a size 10 by any means, but I still felt good about the prospect of trying dresses on.  UNTIL SHE SAID:  "A size 10 in a wedding dress is really a size 4 in normal sizes."

[insert major panic attack here]

I'm serious.  I had a major, massive panic attack all the way back to my cousin's house, which is a significantly long drive from the bridal boutique.  A SIZE 4?!  I mean honestly... I've come a long way, but that's a little ridiculous.  I just can't even.  So that's when I decided that more workout gear, new tennis shoes and a polar watch were in order to really step up my game.  I also panicked a little when she said it takes about 5 months to order the gowns and get them in.  And with the unavoidable aspect of having mine altered, I needed to have my dress ordered like, 3 weeks ago.  So I'm really, really panicking.

How am I supposed to know if I like a dress if I can't fit into the damn thing?  It's a crazy feeling that I'm feeling right now.  I'm going to spend my lunch break tomorrow calling local bridal shops and making appointments for my mom and maid of honor to get going on dress shopping.

I did take a picture in my workout gear, and I feel like I'm losing more inches and gaining more muscle than losing pounds at this point, so here is the latest comparison picture.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. don't get to worried about dress sizes! they are different but not that far apart, maybe 1 maybe 2 sizes and then a lot depends on the cut of the dress! doesn't new workout gear make you feel twice as motivated!

  2. Don't worry about that nonsense!!! They told me that too but my dream dress ended up being true to size! Which obviously sealed the deal :) You look great by the way!!

  3. I bought some new workout capris from Old Navy over the weekend. I can't wait for them to get here. I saw the Mind/Matter tank and wanted to get it, but I'm gonna wait a little bit before I order it. Also, I know how you said you wanted to wear the Nike running shorts. Well.... I found some that are identical and aren't a Small and the best part... they are $8.00. PS You look AMAZING AND I'M SO PROUD OF YOU <3

  4. Don't worry about wedding dress shopping. I think everyone feels that way. I am not sure why their dresses are that size but you will look stunning in whatever you get when it made perfect for you!

  5. That lady is crazy by saying a size 10 is a size 4, that just isn't true!!!I bought my actual size for my wedding dress and needed no I call bullshit on that my dear! SOME bridal shops are ONE or TWO sizes off...but not that crazy! Granted, my dress came from David's Bridal and not a fancy boutique, but you really only needed like two months before the wedding not five. Just breathe. I know it will all work out for you!

    Cute work out clothes by the way!!!

  6. Buying work out clothes always keeps me motivated and determined to work out too! Your determination is inspiring!

  7. You look great!! I just used my Polar watch for the first time today and I like that thing. It helped me to feel motivated. And I didn't like the pink one either, I got the goldish colored one because it was the cheapest lol. That shirt from Lane Bryant is CUTE!

  8. You look amazing girl, keep up the great work.
    I'm totally addicted to workout clothing - so I totally feel you on that. I prefer buying workout clothing to regular clothing now because it fits me so much better, the clothes are comfy, and theyr'e cute. Love.

    Also, the wedding dress fiasco sucks - I hope you get everything sorted out, I know how stressful that can be. My situation clearly isn't the same since I'm not the bride, but I'm in my best friends wedding in August and I HAD to buy my dress in January to ensure that I'd have it on time. David's Bridal said they can only take it down 2 sizes, and I had to take a guess on what size I think I'll be by her wedding date. I got a size smaller than I am now, and that means I can have it altered to be two sizes smaller than that if necessary - the stress of figuring it out so far down the road when you have NO idea what size you'll be is stressful. What if I don't lose another pound between now and August? I'm stuck with a dress that's too small.

    I feel your pain girl, I really do haha

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