Since October: Part 2: The Honeymoon

January 28, 2015

Hey hey heeeeeey.  It's been a while since I left y'all with my wedding story, so I figured I'd tell more of the story today.  These posts are really long, so we can work through it together.  I wanted to do a vlog, but let's face it... I talk way too much for someone who has no clue how to edit a video, so unless y'all are interested in a 20+ minute video, I will just type it all out.  (sidenote:  if you think you will watch a video that long with me just talking, let me know and I will totally do one.)

So when I last left you, we had just finished our beautiful wedding and were ready to jet-set out to the Dominican Republic for our long and glorious paradise honeymoon.  I will admit, I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked during the honeymoon because we were mostly in the pool and/or looking a hot mess at any given restaurant (the resort had 10!) stuffing our faces with delicious food and alcohol.
We stayed at The Excellence Resort in Punta Cana, which was GORGEOUS, but not really located in Punta Cana.  I mean, a 50 minute drive to the other side of the island isn't really where I thought the resort would be, but hey, it was totally worth it.
Days 1-4 were perfection.  
Day 1:  We got there early enough on the travel day to get some drinks, do some swimming, check out the resort, and then head to dinner.  

Day 2: We discovered the swim up bar.  SWIM. UP. BAR.  The three most magical words ever spoken at an all-inclusive resort.  We spent the day at the pool, at the bar, floating, at the bar, eating, floating, etc... you see the pattern.  We had dinner at the Asian restaurant and it was delicious.  Sushi sampler for the win.  I kept forgetting that we didn't have to wait on the server to bring the check because, hellloooo, all inclusive for the win!  (no seriously, I will never take another vacation that isn't all inclusive.  best. decision. ever)  After dinner, we got accosted by mosquitoes.  Ben wanted to take a romantic walk through the garden (bless his sweet heart, he's so romantic) and we realized we were literally being eaten alive by bugs and had to go to the "pharmacy" to get ointment for all our bug bites.  Hey, still worth it and still pretty romantic. 

Day 3:  Breakfast. Swim up bar. We also did some shopping at the souvenir shops they had and Ben bought some cigars.  The resort also had shows they would put on every night, so we headed to the bar and had drinks before the Disco show started.  It was extremely amateur and still extremely entertaining.
unlimited, all day long.
thank you, amazing beach waiters.

swim up bar directly behind me to the right.
rocking the bikini like I don't even care.
I also eventually drunkenly sat on those sunglasses and squashed them.
I also drunkenly found myself not caring that much.

Day 4:  Breakfast.  Reserved cabana on the beach.  The best thing ever is a covered king sized bed with huge, comfy pillows ON A BEACH.  I mean, can we say paradise?  We stayed inside the cabana all day long.  The staff would come around and bring us drinks and mini pizzas, so we legit did not have to move all day.  I read a whole book while in the cabana, took a nap, Ben took a nap, read the news, etc... We also swam in the ocean a couple of times, but the water was super rough, so we just lazed around all day long.  We had dinner at the Italian restaurant and it was incredible.  We also went to the Circus show that night, which was an extremely amateur version of Cirque d' Soleil, but it was really awesome and fun to watch.
best thing ever.

crazy acrobatics

Day 5:  Breakfast and then back to the room.  It was raining, so we decided to just hang out in the room and enjoy some relaxation time, since we had been going non-stop and in the sun for several days.  It was still raining but Ben wanted to go down to the swim up bar.  He went down and I told him I would meet him down there in a bit.  I didn't want to go, but it was our honeymoon!  I didn't want my new husband down there by himself, so I reluctantly put on my bathing suit and headed down to the pool.  I didn't take our pool bag with sunscreen, hats, etc... because it was still rainy and overcast.
Once the sun started coming out, Ben decided we needed our sunscreen and towels, so we parted ways- him to the room to get the bag and me across the pool area to get towels from the pool concierge.  

this story is to be continued...
(don't worry, it's already written and scheduled for tomorrow and I truly couldn't find a good stopping point, so there it is.)

Also, before I go, I'm back on the weight loss train pretty strong!  I've lost about 5 pounds since last week and I'm super happy about it.  So, I will try to post more about that as well.  I'll be posting my weight again so I can keep myself accountable and see my progress.
Lots happening, people!
What have y'all been up to?

SW:  311
CW:  206.5
GW: 150
all my love, always


  1. Even though you told us the story, I still can't wait to read how you write it out! Plus, SWIM UP BAR. We should get one of those started around here fo sho!

    Congrats on those five pounds! I know how happy you've got to be to get back on it!

  2. Well it sounds like the first four days of your honeymoon were just fabulous!!! I already know what happens next, but can't wait to read all about it too.

    I need to jump up on the weight loss train with you. I can't lose for shit lately. It's really starting to get to me. And I would totally listen to a video of you talking. But I would rather meet up with you soon. Hint hint.

  3. That honeymoon destination just looks AMAZING. I know what's coming, and I hate it for you.

    PS. I would totally watch that 20 minute long video :)

  4. Booo about what's to come. But I am glad y'all had four days of bliss! Plus, you look AMAZING in all the pictures. Rock that bikini girrrrl. :)

  5. I bet I know what happens next....

    Seriously though, all inclusive is the way to go. I agree, I'll never do anything but that again. I also suddenly really want to go on vacation!