Since October: Part 1

January 7, 2015

Happy Wednesday!  I figured I would take some time today to talk about all of the events that have happened to me over the past three months.  Boy, has my life been a doozie!  I thought it got turned upside down when I had weight loss surgery, but looking back that was a (no weight loss pun intended) piece of cake!

We'll start with the wedding, since it is #weddingwednesday and all.  Just for the record, I hate that hashtag.  Talk about your wedding whenever you want!  (I've been out of the blogging game way too long to be getting mad about a themed day of blogging.  I'll work on it.)

Our wedding was October 4, 2014.  I always swore up and down and up again that I would neeeever, never ever EVEERRR have a wedding outside.  It wasn't my style, I'm not outdoorsy, it would definitely be my luck that a horrendous tornado would come through and ruin my day, etc... etc... etc... But nevertheless, we picked an amazingly gorgeous venue where we would be married outside.  And I'd like to give God a big high-five for giving us the most gorgeous weather ever.  We couldn't have picked better weather out of a perfect-weather-magazine, if there were such a silly thing.

before they put out the shepherds hooks with lanterns, our wreath and the lanterns that lined the stones around the chimney.

the back of the house.

the front of the house.

a closer look at the chiney, our wreath and the beautiful stone.

the lights were an added cost (of course) but they tied everything together so nicely, especially when the sun went down.

We did have one groomsman show up black out drunk.  Like, so drunk that he is in our wedding pictures (which he barely made it through) but was not in our actual wedding.  He sat in the audience next to another groomsmen's mom in his rented tux.  Hey, whatever works.  (This is where your trusted wedding handlers come in handy-  they took care of the drunk guy and I knew nothing of the sort, which suited me just fine.)

Getting ready was really fun.  And of course taking pictures was my absolute favorite.  The amazing thing about a good photographer is they have the amazing ability to catch candid moments that you didn't know they were capturing.  Those are definitely my favorite.

 you better believe I did my own hair and makeup. 

 this bed was GORGEOUS, so comfy and perfect for fun bridal pictures!

The DJ was amazing, the food was delicious, there were drinks a plenty and we had the best minister:  my cousin!  The words he spoke during our ceremony were absolutely perfect for me, Ben and our marriage.  He even said a quote from Dr. Seuss, which I loved, because we are so laid back and love a little giggle during a series time.  

After a night of love, laughter and dancing with our favorite people in the world, we headed back home to get ready for the highly anticipated honeymoon in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  And that, my friends, is where I leave you... 

(or maybe with some more pictures...)

 the SWEETEST boy ever!  I've babysat for him since he was a year old.  It makes me so happy to have a picture of us from my wedding.

 this picture should tell you everything you need to know.
moscato for the win.

seriously, how beautiful and fun is our photographer?  I love her!

DECOR/FLOWERS:  The Sonnet House
DRESS:  Allure from Bridal Bliss
(this is the updated version of my dress-  mine had lace at the top instead of rouching and was champagne in color)
PHOTOGRAPHY:  J'adore la Photographie
CAKE/BABY BITES:  Pastry Art Cakes


  1. Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous!!!! And that picture with the sun setting?!?! I die! You couldn't have asked for a more perfect scene from mother nature!

    Good job on your hair! I wish I was half as talented with mine!

  2. OMG. These pictures. I die. You are just too beautiful, and the pictures turned out gorgeous!!

  3. Everything is BEAUTIFUL! We seriously need to catch up because I'm sure we both have SO much going on and to fill each other in on. LOVE YOU SO BIG <3

  4. THIS IS GORGEOUS!! The bathtub pictures are so fun! and your venue. I can't even!!

  5. Your wedding was so beautiful and it looks like you guys had a great time!

  6. Yay + GORG!!! Love the photos, love your look, love how happy and relaxed it all feels - way to pull of an amazing big day!

  7. I have been waiting for these photos! GORGEOUS! Your venue is TO DIE FOR!

  8. Everything about the wedding seemed amazing. So glad you had no rain for your wedding, especially with it being outside.