lesson learned.

July 30, 2014

There are a lot of quotes in the world about "haters."  And yes, I did just quote the rapper Wiz Khalifa.  It seemed fitting.  I've found myself throughout life saying "haters gonna hate!"  And boy did that ring true for me this week.  I've contemplated a thousand times over again whether or not to blog about this, and I decided that part of my whole journey is being open, honest and never changing who I am for anyone

Eleven months after my surgery, I found my first hater.  And to my surprise, it was someone who I thought was my friend.  Over the past week, I kept asking myself, who gets angry at another person's success?  And while I still don't know the answer to that, I know that this person is no longer in my life and I think we are both better for it.  This is not an angry post or a sad post.  I'm even disabling comments on this post because I know who supports me and who doesn't, and I'm not asking for reassurance.

I know this post is vague, and I'm sorry, but it's necessary.  I was hurt and this is the only way I can write about it without blasting another person on the internet, which I refuse to do.

After a lot of thought and prayer this week, I finally came to the perfect solution:

if you don't like seeing or hearing about my life 
then feel free to leave.
I highly implore you to click the little 'x' at the top right corner.  click unfollow.  don't click my name at all.

It seems like common sense, really.  But if I need to spell it out, then there it is.  I'm not for everyone and I've known that my whole life.  But this blog and all other social media, whether it be weight loss or wedding or anything in between, is for ME.  PLAIN AND SIMPLE.  I don't have to explain or defend that, and I never will again.  

For those of you who have continually supported me, emailed me, called me, texted me, left comments, facebooked me, etc... I appreciate you and have not forgotten all of the good that comes from this blog just because of one bad experience.  

I will NEVER change who I am.  
I shouldn't have to.
And neither should anyone else.
I'm happy and at peace.