weight loss changes: part two

May 20, 2014

continuing the list of how gastric bypass surgery changed my life
in case you missed part one, you can check it out here.

#6:  YOU WILL CRY.  A LOT.  Emotions run high when any family member goes into surgery.  I think for me, it was especially emotional for my family.  Not because I am more special than other people having surgery, but because I had never had surgery before.  Never.  So for my parents, my in-laws, my future husband to watch me go into this major surgery was really nerve wracking.  There was a lot of crying and a lot of praying.  On that same hand, you will make it out of surgery just fine and start your new life.  With lots of tears... I cried because I was frustrated.  I cried because I couldn't eat certain things.  I cried a lot because I felt extremely lonely, even though I was surrounded by people who loved me and supported me.  There were times when I felt as though no one in this world could understand what I was going through.  Even with all of the preparation measures I took, there is truly no way to prepare yourself for how your life is going to change after a major surgery.  And it's just really emotional.

#7.  YOUR WEIGHT WILL STALL.  People would tell me this, and I would think, "nah, not me..." Because I was extremely dedicated and working as hard as I could to drop those pounds.  But you start to gain muscle as well.  Just to be honest, this concept took a while for me to understand.  Every three months my weight would stall and hit a plateau.  It's okay, it will keep dropping.  Just keep being persistent!  These are some of the hardest times I've been through after surgery.  I would definitely talk to Ben and share concerns that I would be stuck at ___ lbs forever.  If you keep working hard, you won't.

#8.  YOU WILL GET DUMPING SYNDROME.  This is also something I thought would never happen to me.  I was going to be too careful and I was never going to eat anything that would make me feel sick.  WRONG.  You will get dumping syndrome, and just like the doctors tell you, it will last anywhere from 5 minutes to 12 hours.  THIS IS THE WORST AND THERE IS NO WAY TO AVOID IT.  True story.

#9.  YOU WILL THROW AWAY A LOT OF CLOTHES.  I was never a fashionista, and I definitely don't consider myself to be one now, but everyone has to buy clothes right?  Yeah.  Two weeks ago, I threw away probably $1000 worth of old clothes, scrubs, pajamas, etc... Well, I didn't throw them away, I donated them.  But still.  I can never wear them again and have no use for them.  Some pairs of pants could literally not stay on my body.  While this is an amazing non-scale victory, your closet is going to end up bare and so is your wallet.  I've officially become that girl who shops at Forever 21 because a) it's cheap b) it fits and c) it's cheap.  Flowy shirts and leggings will become your best friend.  Make that last as long as you can.

#10.  YOU WILL SUCCEED.  Emotions, tears, clothes that can't fit, going to the gym when you don't want to, not being able to eat anywhere but home for several months, dumping syndrome, etc... etc... etc... it is all worth it.  I can 100%  without a doubt say that I have never looked back.  Even in the moments when I felt more lonely than I ever have in my entire life-  no regrets.  Even when I was laying on the couch with dumping syndrome, feeling like I may die (yes it gets that bad)-  no regrets.  Even when I was working out with Gene The Personal Trainer and all I wanted to do is sit down and give up-  I didn't and I have no regrets.  Every single thing that I went through and will continue to experience has brought me so much newfound hope in life, my life, my future, my family's future, and has given me so much more worth as a person.  Not because I lost weight, but because I took my life and my health into my own hands and made a change for the first time ever.  And that in itself is a success.

BONUS #11.  GASTRIC BYPASS IS NOT THE ANSWER; HARD WORK IS.  Getting gastric bypass (or any other weight loss surgery) is not a quick fix.  It is a tool for you to use to your advantage and get your health under control.  It will be hard and you will have to work every second for the rest of your life to get where you want to be.  If you start drinking soft drinks, carbonation, beer, bread, unhealthy food, etc... your body will learn to accept those things again.  I know because I've done it with bread and now I'm having to re-give up bread and train my body to be okay with out it.  You have to put in the time and do the work in order see results.


  1. I am SO proud of you Meighan! And you're right, it's not a quick fix, it is a tool! Quick fixes are instant gratification for a short period of time. To really achieve what you want, you have to work as hard and long as it took for you to get where you started.

  2. You are just amazing. I am so proud of you and how far you've come. Everyone who reads this list (gastric bypass or not) will be inspired to make better choices and make the effort to get healthy.

  3. Gahh I just love that you are always 100% real about what happens. No sugar coating around here. Next time you decide to donate some clothes, hit up a sister :)

  4. This post is just full of bad-assery! You have worked so hard, and you should completely relish in every non-scale victory you have!