So I went grocery shopping

May 21, 2014

Something crazy happened to me on Monday night.  
I think Ben was sure I had been replaced by some domesticated alien twin from another galaxy.

Let's rewind to Saturday for just a minute... 
I went to hang out all day with my co-worker/bff Brandie.  She is a go getter at work and on top of stuff ALL THE TIME.  Why I thought she'd be any different at home, I'm not sure.  This girl has her life together.  She's pregnant, has an almost three year old, and her house is spotless.  Someone please tell me how she does it.  She also packs her lunch every day and cooks dinner at night.  Crazy, right?!  So while I spent the day with her, something happened to me.  She legitimately inspired me to be a better person in so many ways.

So Monday, when I looked around and decided it was once again time to go to the grocery store, I made a list of all the healthy stuff I was going to buy and prepare myself.  Am I a food prepping expert now?  No.  Nadine and Meegan will tell you that I am definitely in the early beginner stages of food prepping.  They know from the countless (and cluless) emails I send them daily about what to cook, eat and buy.  

See that fruit up there in that tupperware?  Yeah, I prepared all that myself.  I bought a Pineapple and actually sliced it.  Like, legitimately sliced it and cut it up into tiny pieces for eating/snacking.  And I didn't even cut off any of my fingers like Ben thought I would.  I also washed those grapes and strawberries and sliced them up, too.  
Domestication success?  I think so.

Usually my grocery list is as follows:

-Atkins heat up meals
-Fage yogurt
-Edamame steam bags
-bottled water & Dasani drops

I'm serious.  That's it.  So Monday, when I came home with fresh fruit, celery, broccoli, etc...  it felt pretty dang good.  I always hear people talk about eating clean and meal prepping, and I sort of felt like I was doing a little bit of both.  [side note:  I also bought pre-made, low sugar, whole wheat pb&j uncrustables because I just really love those things.  So needless to say, I'm going to take it one step at a time.]

I also haven't done any progress pictures in a while, which I keep promising that I will do.
But I swear I am going to do some very, very soon!
(no really, I swear.  for real.)

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One last thing before I go-  I'm so, so, so happy to say that I am at my lowest weight yet since surgery!  As of this morning, I am 208.5 and I can honestly say it feels amazing.  That's 102.5 pounds gone forever, and I definitely haven't been this weight since high school.  So I'm very happy!

SW:  311
CW:  208.5
- 102.5


  1. This just makes my domesticated heart smile so big!!! Go you and your shopping and food prepping! Next thing I know you are going to be emailing me some bad ass recipe "that I just have to try!" And 102.5 lbs? Damn girl! You are just a freaking rock star!

  2. This has me inspired to be better about my prepping! I am terrible when it comes to getting everything cut up and ready to go so thank you!

  3. Look at you go! Also, you're only 8lbs away from being in the 100s. EIGHT POUNDS.

  4. Woo hoo! You are doing so well! I love food prepping, weird right? But it helps so much later when you just want to grab something and sit back down to watch TV... I mean head to the gym.

  5. I also bought pre-made, low sugar, whole wheat pb&j uncrustables because I just really love those things. So needless to say, I'm going to take it one step at a time.]this website