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March 19, 2014

I couldn't think of a title for today, so sue me.
Also, it's my 7 month surgiversary today!

Whoa.  Zumba full on kicked my boo-tay last night!  The scale is finally moving down and I'm pretty pleased about it.  Last night, I'm pretty sure I sweated more than I ever have during any workout in my life ever.  It was insane.  I was jumping around- jumping- and my knees didn't hurt.  Like, not at all.  I didn't even think about it until I got home and told Ben.  Non scale victory for sure.

I also calculated my BMI for the first time since surgery.  When I went into surgery, my BMI was 53.4.  That is a life threatening, dangerous number to have.  I'm only 5'4", so to be at 311 pounds with a BMI of 53 was not good.  I didn't have significant health problems, like cholesterol or blood pressure before surgery, but it was definitely a "well, not yet..." situation.  So when I calculated it today, it was 37.1  That's such a drastic drop in seven months and I'm so happy about it!  Until I get below 30, I am still considered "obese" but hey, I'll take it!  I'm more in shape than I have been in years.  Like, I never did sports and I never ran and I was a lazy girly girl who loved to eat and watch romantic comedies.  So even though I'm still bigger than I was in high school (at one point) I am definitely more fit and more in shape.  High school Meighan would have quit about 15 minutes into Zumba!  Post-surgery Meighan, however, kicked Zumba's ass without a sip of water.  So take that.

I was finally able to set up my 6 month follow up with my doctor for next week, which means I will be having blood work and whatnot done to check my vitamin levels, etc... I haven't been taking the vitamins like I should, but I feel really great every day so I'm hoping that won't be too big of an issue... Whoopsies.

I also talked to my bariatric advocate yesterday because I started using MyFitnessPal again and wasn't sure how many calories I should be taking in a day.  Well, they emailed me some formula to use to calculate my resting metabolism... or something... and it turns out that I should be eating between 800-1000 calories a day.  Whoof.  I've been eating a lot of the Atkins frozen dinner meals because they are full of protein and super easy for lunch and dinner.  Okay, well... those alone have 350 calories.  I'm seriously sucky at meal planning and I've been thinking about it for a while, so I guess there is no better time than the present to start meal planning every Sunday night for the week.  I tried to set up an appointment with my nutritionist for next Thursday since all the doctors I work for are out for Spring Break, but they are booked until mid-April.  So I will just have to figure it out on my own for a few weeks.  

Lastly, I would just like to say that I am officially five and a half pounds away from 100 pounds lost.
oh what a day that will be.

SW:  311
CW:  216.5
-94.5 lbs


  1. Yay for non scale victories and dropping that BMI! I don't even want to know what mine is right now.

    I used to use myfitnesspal and it really helped me and then I just kind of stopped. I need to get back on that. 1,000 calories a day sounds like nothing. I would be starving!

    I will say that meal planning really makes my life a lot easier. Every Sunday morning I sit down and decide what we are going to have for every meal for the next week. I write a grocery list, look through my coupons, go through my Cartwheel app and add coupons there....then head to the store! I usually grocery shop at Target for 90% of the stuff and then Publx (usually for produce.) Then Sunday night while I am cooking dinner, I prep anything that needs prepping for the week. Like cleaning and cutting up fruits and veggies and putting them in clear containers and make them very accessible. Making soup or couscous salad or anything that may need to be cooked for my lunch, etc.

  2. I've been dying to try zumba for the longest time! I'm gonna go for it for sure now. Great job on the non-scale victory!

  3. I am so stinkin proud of you and so so excited for you!!

    I use emeals.com for my meal planning. There's a low calorie option, low fat, slow cooker, and many more options to choose from. They plan your meals, give you the grocery list, and some of them coordinate with your grocery store sales ads. They send them to you on Wednesdays so you can plan for the week ahead. :) Good luck!! It's a really fun part of my week!

  4. Congrats!!! That's really amazing. Go you!

    I really want to try Zumba. It looks so fun and everyone I know that does it has a blast. I wish I could do meal planning. That's on my list of things to get accomplished this year. I think it would be super helpful with my weight loss and with busy life stuff in general.

  5. Only 5.5lbs away! Holy moly! You have to tell me AS SOON as it happens. Also, that means you are 16.5lbs away from being out of the 200s FOREVER. You are SO amazing. Now I want to try Zumba.

  6. Clearly I'm not expert, but 800-1000 calories seems dangerously low especially if you are working out. The lowest I've ever been at was 1200 and I felt that worked well with the exercising I was doing. :)