I can't feel my arms.

November 18, 2013

Honestly, I'm not sure how I cooked dinner.
Or put my lunches together for the next week.
Or even drove home for that matter.

Remember my spaghetti noodle legs from last week?  I have spaghetti noodle arms tonight.  Gene The Personal Trainer kicked my butt tonight.

Biceps, triceps, abs, repeat.
Biceps, triceps, abs, repeat.
Biceps, triceps, abs, repeat.
Row 500 meters as a cool down.

Let me just tell you that this was the hardest workout yet.  I'm not sure if I thought they would get easier, but boy was I wrong.  I was sweating and struggling the whole time.  Just when I feel like I can't go on anymore, Gene The Personal Trainer always has these unintentional words of wisdom.  Last week he told me I was stronger than I thought, which really motivated me.  Tonight he told me that he could already see some definition in my arms.  Ten more dead lifts?  You got it!

And also, not to mention that I am DOWN 60 LBS.  That's right, minus 60.  And I feel great!  So I'm going to keep meeting with Gene (duh) and keep busting my butt doing those dead lifts.  And hopefully, the scale will continue to go down.

Happy, happy, happy.

SW:  311
CW:  251
-60 lbs


  1. That is AMAZING. You are doing so well. Keep it going!! xXx

  2. And as for workouts at the gym, I used to wonder why they didn't get easier, but it is because each time you go, you push yourself a little more than you did before. Therefore it never feels easier. The best way to remember how far you have come is to think back to the very first day you went to the gym...how long could you manage on the cross trainer/treadmill/stepper/rower before you collapsed? How long do you do now? There is your difference!! xXx

  3. Woop, woop girlfriend! It sounds like Gene is a great trainer - I wish I could afford someone like him!

  4. You go girl!!! That is awesome. Even if you can't feel your arms. Sounds like an excuse for lover boy to cook dinner for you while you take a nice bath! Duh! Maybe I need a Gene in my life.

  5. Hope u are doing ok, u haven't updated in a bit x