former athlete I am not.

November 12, 2013

My legs are jelly.  The gym where I work out is two levels and coming down those stairs made me finally understand the term "spaghetti legs."  But Gene The Personal Trainer is doing a fabulous job.  He had me doing weights, squats, push ups, dead lifts, etc... and rowing 200m on the rowing machine in between all of them!  It was tough today, but man I felt so good when I was done.

When I was doing box sits holding 25 lbs in each hand (I thought I was going to die, just FYI), Gene asked me if I, quote, "had an athletic background."   I almost choked on my laughter.  Let's just take a jog (because I can successfully do that now) down memory lane.

Dance-  cried every time my mom left me, quit.
Dance again-  the spins made me dizzy and the instructor was mean, quit.
Softball-  never tried because I was certain I'd get hit in the head and die.
Gymnastics-  scared of the pummel horse, quit.
Clogging- never tried because I didn't like the outfits.
P.E.-  was always the worst in the physical fitness tests, so by high school I was skipping.  aka, quit.
Twirling-  stuck with it for a few years, but there was really no physical exercise required, only hand eye coordination.  eventually quit.

So to answer Gene's question:   uuuuuhhhhh NO.  But I will definitely take the compliment.

I haven't weighed myself.  I don't want to get discouraged with the whole "muscle weighs more than fat" thing.  Gene keeps telling me to pay more attention to how my body looks and how my clothes fit rather than a number on the scale, but I just want the scale to GO.DOWN.  I plan on weighing tomorrow, so we will see.  I really like Gene.  He's funny, he pushes me (but not too hard) and he encourages me.  And he makes my legs feel like spaghetti jelly.

SW: 311
CW:  ???
we'll see.


  1. Even though muscle does weigh more than fat, I think you'll continue to lose for a while! I need to start rowing between sets... that sounds intense.

  2. You are doing brilliantly. Well done!! xXx

  3. Girlfriend, that's awesome! I love the feeling of jelly legs, it let's you know how much of an awesome workout you did. So happy you've found a trainer that listens to you but pushes you!

  4. Go you!!! Spaghetti legs is a great feeling after a work out, you long as you get to your car OK! I agree with Gene, pay attention to how you look, feel and how your close fit, not the # on the scale! The scale is evil. I hate it. I am so glad you found an awesome trainer!

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