weak & strong

October 10, 2013

Before surgery, I was a huge soft drink lover.  We always kept them in the house and I would have at least two a day.  So lately, especially during PMS week, I have been craving cokes and diet cokes like crazy.  I had some MAJOR moments of weakness the past several days.  I kept trying to convince myself that one sip of a coke wouldn't hurt me.  Over and over again, I would try to find some way in my mind to make it okay.  But, duh!  It isn't okay and it wouldn't have been.  It would've probably made me sick from the sugar, and maybe even given me a stomach ulcer.  Totally not worth it.  I always ended up on sane side of things, knowing I couldn't drink any soft drinks and knowing that I didn't want to.  The point is to be HEALTHY!  I can honestly say that those moments of weakness were some of the hardest and emotionally painful moments I've had in my life.  I know that sounds crazy and exaggerated, but it is the 100% truth. And definitely the most difficult time I've had since surgery.

But here's where the strong part comes in:  I'm strong.  Stronger than I ever thought I could be.  And I have the surgery to thank for that.  I'm literally, emotionally, & mentally stronger.  And I proved that to myself when I didn't take a drink of those terrible, no good cokes.

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  1. U are doing brilliantly, the road may be a long and tiring one, but it is a far better road than you were on before. xx