September 9, 2013

It's an extremely mutual feeling in our household that the weekends are the absolute hardest when it comes to eating.  Saturdays were for BBQ.  Or Cracker Barrel.  Sundays were pizza day.  Or Taco Bell night.  You get the picture.  So Saturday, even though Alabama wasn't playing, Ben had our friend Kenton over to watch all the games.  Ben bought some pre-made hot wings from Publix and just looking at them made my mouth water.  One of my dad's many specialties along with chili and spaghetti are definitely buffalo wings.  PEOPLE.  FOOTBALL SEASON=BUFFALO WINGS.  Needless to say, I was dying.

So I did a little googling and found this website chock full of recipes for gastric bypass patients. (hallelujah!)  So I found a buffalo chicken salad recipe.  Let me tell you how excited I was.  A kid in a candy store had nothing on me.  So we headed off to the store and bought all the supplies I needed:  canned chicken, buffalo sauce (extra mild as not to irritate the pouch), blue cheese, LF mayo, and Greek yogurt.  I got a little nervous because I don't like blue cheese, but I wanted to follow the recipe exactly so it would match the nutritional values the recipe gave me.

After whipping up the mixture, I popped it in the oven so it could be sort of like a dip.  When it was finally done, I was SO ready to taste it!

and it was disgusting.

I was SO disappointed!  It was the blue cheese!  I figured if I only put a teeny tiny bit in the recipe, it couldn't possibly be that bad.  I WAS WRONG.  It tasted like nothing but blue cheese.  Maybe the buffalo sauce wasn't hot enough to mask the blue cheese.  Whatever the case, I didn't eat it.  Just another gastric bypass lesson learned I guess.

Other than my buffalo chicken salad fail, the weekend was a success.  Ben joined the gym!  So excited for us to be doing this together.  The gym sucks, what can I say?  But I want to be toned up, not loosey goosey!  I even dropped some pounds.  Not bad for my three week surgery anniversary.

SW: 311
CW: 285
-26 lbs


  1. YAY 26 pounds! And I am the same way with weekends, I think I have to have the most delicious and fattening food ever. Proud of you for trying something new and trying to be healthy, even if it tasted like crap. That's awesome Ben joined the gym, good for y'all!

  2. 26lbs= Awesome! I hate it when I am soooo hungry for something and it ends up tasting like crap. HUGE bummer! I have enjoyed reading your Blog! =)

  3. Yay the 25 lb mark is so awesome and that's awesome that Ben is going to join you at the gym. Having someone to go with makes a huge difference I think. Oh and I've had my fair share of recipe mishaps haha.