these are my confessions.

June 4, 2014

I'm sure there's a day when I'm supposed to link up for this kind of thing,
but I have no idea when that is.
So, I am just going to list confessions here today and roll with it.
(plus, does anyone else love that Usher song?)

  • I'M BURNED OUT ON SCHOOL  Don't get me wrong, I want to be a teacher and I am making all A's for the first time in my life.  But Math and Politics are getting old reeeaaaalllll quick.  I have to constantly keep finding new ways to motivate myself to get my school work done.
  • I FEEL THE NEED TO CHANGE MY BLOG DESIGN WAY TOO OFTEN. One thing I should learn is to design my own blog and be able to change it at a moment's notice.  I love my design now, but Meegan got a new design from Brooks and I found the need to change mine once again.  So I just sent Brooks a bunch of ideas for a possible new blog design.  Again.
  • I'VE BEEN SUPER STRESSED ABOUT THE WEDDING.  The wedding coming up so soon (almost 4 months exactly until the big day) is making me feel rushed.  Bridesmaids gifts, hair and makeup, the dress, etc... is driving me crazy!  It's these things that make me regret not hiring a wedding planner, but I sure do like having those extra couple thousand dollars in my bank account.
  • I'VE BEEN STRESS EATING.  Not good, Meighan.  Not good.  But between school, work, and the wedding, I found myself staring down some Ben & Jerry's at Publix a couple of days ago.  And then I bought it.  That is clearly not allowed.  I'm not even sure why I need it!  I keep Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches stocked in the freezer for sweet cravings, so why step even further outside of the box and buy sugary, real ice cream?
  • I'VE BEEN KEEPING MY DISHES, LAUNDRY AND FOOD ORGANIZED AND PUT AWAY.  So I started semi food planning and it's so easy!  I have no idea what I was thinking a few weeks ago when I thought it would be impossible to prepare and pack lunches for a week.  For three weeks in a row, I've purchased fresh strawberries and chopped them, along with grapes and pineapple.  Did I mention that I cut and sliced up my own fresh pineapple?  [insert shocked face here.]  Also, the dishes and laundry have been done and put away instead of piling up!  Do I hear the domestication train pulling into the station?  I think so! (Don't let me fool you... Ben helps a lot with the dishes and laundry.)
  • I HAVE BABY FEVER.  I don't think this needs explaining.  I'm 100% ready to get pregnant as soon as we get married.  I think Ben is on board, but probably not as gung ho about it as me.  I'm so ready to be a mother.  I know it's going to be such a huge adjustment to our life, and we need to sell the house, and we need to get a new house, and we need to figure out my school and our finances, etc... etc... etc... but man, what a blessing.  I fully, 100% believe that God put me on this Earth to be a mother.  And the thought that I could possibly be pregnant by Christmas makes me giddy.
What's something you want to confess?


  1. AHH! I have baby fever something fierce, but Jackson is so not on board yet. haha. I totally feel like I was born to be a mom, so it's killing me to wait! haha

  2. I love your strong vindication and enthusiasm of being a mother, it's so wonderful! And this weekend is solely dedicated to that new look of yours :)

  3. I have got to get my blog design act together. For weeks I have been begging Chris to help me fix mine. Apparently he is too busy with his. Grrr.

    You can keep that baby fever to yourself, please and thank you!

    I am so proud of your food planning and ticket on the domestication express!

  4. For what it's worth, I LOVE your current blog design.

  5. Baby fever is at an all time high around my house, so I know what you mean!
    Also, I love your design! But I'm the same way about my designs... which is why I just got a new one. Whoops!

  6. The thought of being pregnant right now literally makes me feel like I'm going to throw up haha. I know I want to be a mom someday but that day is not today! I know you are getting super excited for your wedding.... I'll be living vicariously through you for now!

  7. Just remember that you only have to take those classes ONE time. Get it over with and then burn your notebook in celebration!! Maybe roast a marshmallow??

    I'm the same way about my blog design. But I have started teaching myself how to do it all, so I am able to change it whenever the mood strikes me... which isn't always the best lol

  8. Can you just have a cute baby already? Clearly I'm on board as well... in case you were wondering.

  9. I used to wanna change my blog design a lot too but i thought about the pro's vs. con's of changing it a lot - I thought of it as my home....when people come over they feel like they're home because they know it so well. I thought maybe if I kept my blog that way, people would feel more welcome; HOWEVER, it's so hard because there's so many designs out there and so many good designers. it's tough! lol. by the way, I just found your blog from over at LIY's sidebar and I'm glad I did. Excited to be following along now!