Six Flags & Two Pale Legs

April 4, 2014

Well this has been a long time coming.  I had planned on doing my Six Flags update last week, but somehow time managed to get away from me and here I am, two weeks later, trying to remember all the fantastic details of our Six Flags trip.

First things first:  I wore shorts.  This shouldn't be a big deal, but it truly is.  The past several summers, I have been the girl in pants.  Sometimes, not even capri's.  Long.  Pants.  And let me tell you-  that is NOT a comfortable way to dress when it's 100 degrees and humid as all get out.  Shorts weren't even in my vocabulary.  So when I went to Old Navy to buy shorts to wear to Six Flags, and felt comfortable in them, it felt like a pretty momentous occasion.  I even got Ben to take a picture.

Before I show you, let me just say that I'm not sure why I chose to wear the neon red/pink color when my legs are so insanely white, but I did.  And let me just sing the praises of these shorts for a second:  they were extremely lightweight, super comfy and they were only $10 on sale at Old Navy.  And they are identical to the Nike shorts I've lusted after for years.  Win and win.

The sun was so ridiculously bright that Ben couldn't see to take the picture, so this is the best we could do people.  Not the prettiest legs in the world, but a vast improvement of what they used to be!

We had a great time.  We stood in lonnnng lines, ate park food, rode most of the roller coasters and just had a really great day together.  I was so worried I wouldn't fit into any of the rides, but I fit with room to spare!  Non-scale victory, for sure! The weather was nice and we got to visit with friends in the cutest town of Roswell after we left Six Flags.  Ben bought season passes, so we are sure to be back several more times throughout the summer.  Now for your enjoyment, a mini photo dump.  

Happy Friday, kids!

can you tell how bored I was waiting in this 2-hour long line?

the Batman ride is my absolute favorite ever in the history of rides.

I am a souvenir fanatic.  
I also bought my Dad some shot glasses (for his collection), my mom a souvenir, a shirt for my friend's little girl Reagan, Ben got a shirt for his nephew Charlie, I got a tee shirt along with the cup and picture frame you see.  It should also be known that I am a picture frame fanatic.  


  1. Look at you rocking some shorts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like you guys had an amazing time!!! Have you been to Stone Mountain?

  2. Those shorts on you are fantastic! I love Six Flags, even though I'm terrified of heights. I just close my eyes on all the roller coasters. So jealous y'all have season passes!

  3. *high five* You look fantastic!

    I used to live in Roswell and I LOVED it! It's such a cute community, not too close, but not to far away from the downtown Atlanta. Perfect. One day I hope to move back to GA and find a house either there or in Dunwoody.

  4. Good for you to choosing comfort this year! That is a huge NSV. I am also terrified at heights and looking at those pictures of that daredevil ride made my stomach turn a little. You couldn't pay me $1M to do it, no way. I think I'd have nightmares for a week ;-)

  5. I'm so late commenting on this, but YAYYYYY for shorts! Looking HOT girlfriend! Love your NSV! I can't wait to be able to say the same :)