I have plans.

April 28, 2014

Hi lovely darlings.  
Just checking in.  
We had a fabulous weekend and I finished all of my final projects for my History & Computer classes.  Today I started two new classes, Politics and Math.  The only (and I really, truly mean only) downside to The University of Phoenix is that you do two classes for nine weeks and then start new classes immediately.  My brain needs a break, people!

As you all know (or if you don't, I'm about to tell you), I really, really suck at math.  
Like, it's baaaaad.

I need that shirt.  For real.

The reason for this post today is to let you all know that I have plans for this blog.  I want to network with people, I want people who are going through weight loss struggles or having weight loss surgery to hear my voice and know that they can do it.  A friend of mine's husband got a huge promotion to Director of Bariatrics at their local hospital and I would love for him to share this blog with his patient's.

I have plans.

What I'm trying to say is, for me to continue to have a 4.0 GPA in school, plan this wedding and keep losing weight, blogging might have to take a backseat. (the backseat isn't bad, right?  I mean, people put their kids in the backseat, so... it's pretty good back there.)  
I'm not disappearing and I'm not quitting the blogiverse.  I have finally found my voice and I love it here.  I want to make sure I keep doing this, for myself and for others, because it makes me happy and keeps me motivated.

But just know, that if you don't see me quite as much, I'm off in the corner somewhere doing terrible amounts of algebra and I'm probably going totally and completely insane.
Pray for me, people.

Also, just a quick thing:
Three years and one day ago, tornadoes ripped through Tuscaloosa and so many other parts of Alabama, injuring and killing people and taking everything they had.  It was devastating and horrific.  Yesterday, the same thing happened in Arkansas.  Pray for them.  And to find out more about how you can help, visit Tyler's page Arkansassy
Those storms are now headed our way, so all my Birmingham/Alabama friends... stay safe!

All my love, always.


  1. Just don't disappear completely okay? Or at least check in with me via text so I know you aren't drowning COMPLETELY! <3

  2. Life comes first! I'm about to start school again in June (and I'm freaking out just a little) and I'm starting to plan my own wedding. I get it! I do! Take care of you, honey.

    P.S. I need that shirt too.

  3. Sometimes you just need a break! Trust me, I battle with just "living life" and trying to BLOG life. But then I remind myself that though blogging is an outlet and a priority, sometimes life just needs to be lived, y'know? You're doing the right thing. Once your muse hits again you'll feel inspired. Stay safe during the storms today.

  4. Hope you stayed safe last night! I remember April 27, 2011 so vividly while I lived in Alabama. So terrifying!

  5. That shirt! HILARIOUS!

    I know you got this....don't even sweat it!

  6. I have to tell you that you crack me up. I, too, suuuuck at math. When I was doing my undergraduate work, it took me three tries to pass one of my math classes that I needed for my degree (and it wasn't even the hardest one). First time I blew it off, second time I ended up with a D and the third time I put blood, sweat and tears into it to finally get an A. So I GET it!! The highest math I had to take was stats and I freaking kissed the floor when I finished ;-) Hope you guys are safe from those wicked storms. I have family in Arkansas and have been praying for them as well.