everyday makeup routine

March 28, 2014

Okay boys and girls (do any boys even read this blog?) it's high time that we talk about something other than weight loss around here!  Dontcha think?

I was emailing back and forth with Meegan and Nadine the other day about our makeup routines.  I really wanted to post a video with a makeup tutorial, but I can't figure out how to use the video editing software.  WHY does it have to be so difficult!?  (If anyone wants to help me out with that, feel free to advise me on how exactly to edit and "splice" a video.  Because I'm clueless as they come over here.)  So since I couldn't figure out the video stuff, I figured I'd just do a post explaining what I use for each section of my face and how I use it.  Sooooo here we go.  :) 

  • First things first-  invest in some good makeup bags.  The blue one is from Bath and Body Works for $6 and the big one (with all the amazing compartments) is from Target for about $20.  Totally worth every penny.

  • Second, invest in some good makeup brushes.  One part of my conversation with M&N was about washing our brushes... New flash:  I've never washed mine!  I don't see what the big deal is.  I shake them off when I'm done and they look good as new.  Nonetheless, splurge a little for some good brushes.  Sigma has good ones for pretty good prices.  These three are my staple brushes.

  • I don't use foundation or concealer, so I do my eyes first.  It may sound weird to some people, but it's true.  I do save mascara for last, but the rest of the eyes go first, including primer and wrinkle fillers.
step 1: prime eyes with Revlon Wrinkle Filler (red top) and then dab the 5 Sec Blur over that.  I only do this around the side of my eye and under my eye-  it makes a big difference!
step 2: fill in eyebrows with eyebrow stick (the lid has a sharpener!) and then brush with brow brush 
step 3:  line eyes inside top and bottom waterline with black pearl eyeliner from Almay (white stick/black top)
step 4:  use NYX shimmer stick in Iced Mocha to cover full eyelid
step 5:  curl eyelashes- be careful not to pinch your eyelid!  it happens to me more than I'd like to admit.
*remember to save mascara for last!*

  • The next step is my powder.  First I use the Revlon ColorStay and then the Revlon Age Defying powder.  I use my flat top brush for this because it fills in better.
brush the ColorStay powder on until face is fully covered.
take the brush and fill it with the Age Defying poweder.
instead of brushing on, dab it all over face for full coverage and to fill in those wrinkles where we used the wrinkle filler/5 sec blur.
  • Next comes bronzer and shimmer.  I use the big powder brush for this because I very lightly sweep my whole face with bronzer, followed by the shimmer powder only on my cheeks.  Otherwise your whole face will look oily.  Using it on the cheeks gives you a little extra glow, especially for Spring/Summer.
sweep bronzer over face in light, circular motion.
when using shimmer, also use a light circular motion.
once over each cheek is enough for a perfect glow.
  • Next is blush.  I use the cream Dream Bouncy Blush by Maybelline with my fingers and top that with a light coat of the E.L.F. blush, using my anguled brush.
with your fingers, sweep on the cream blush using a back-and-forth motion.
with your brush and powder blush, lightly top the cream blush with circular motions.  use a light hand!
  • Before I apply my mascara, I do my lips.  I hate not being able to find the right shade for my lips-  one that isn't over bearing and one that isn't too light.  So I mix either the pink and the nude or the red and the nude.  The pink and red Revlon colors are sheer, so they aren't too bold.  I put one of those on first and then top with just a bit of nude.  When I rub my lips together, they mix into the perfect color.  It's not pictured, but I always top with Revlon Lipgloss in Crystal Water.

  • Lastly, add 1-2 coats of mascara.  The Maybelline Full & Soft mascara is great because it gives your lashes fullness without feeling like you've caked the stuff on.  Your lashes stay dark, curled and soft all day.


I know this seems like a lot of information, but it really only takes me about 10 minutes to do my makeup.  I do this routine every.single.day.  And at the end of the day, it all comes off with a few swipes of a Target brand makeup remover wipe.  

Easy peasy!


  1. Love this! And your products. Your eye makeup always looks so pretty. And huge shout out to featuring two of my daily reads (PS: Meegan is my bestie!)

  2. I got a shout out?! I feel like kind of a big deal now :)

    Sooooo I think I was talking to Meegan about washing brushes...buy yourself some baby shampoo. The bottle will last a year and it is gentle enough to keep your brushes nice but totally works great at cleaning too. Plus it smells lovely.

    We totally have the same eye lash curler!!! I do my eye make up first too. Otherwise, I end up with eye shadow and shimmer and whatever else all over my face all day.

  3. So pretty! Sounds a lot like my routine.
    I don't wear foundation either! Or face powder. It makes my face feel flakey, and dry and my skin is already pretty dry. Instead I use a tinted moisturizer. It's light, but gives me enough color to tone down the redness of my Rosacea.

  4. Wow! I have never seen my name so much on a blog. So happy! You're makeup is flawless. Plus your products are my kind of products. Haha I knew Nadine would say something about washing your brushes! Truth, I have still yet to wash mine, I got some wash but I know it will take a while for them to dry out and so I have yet to clean them. I have been using foundation but I might try your route and see if it makes me look like less ghost-y/pancake-y. I do my eye makeup first too, that way I can fix any smudges or eye shadow that falls on my face. Such a helpful post!

    1. I came back to see if there was a new post today and then I see this. GIRL WASH YOUR BRUSHES!!! Sheesh!!! Wash them after you do your make up and they will be dry for the next day. Scouts honor. I have washed them at night when I am washing my face and they are fine the next morning. No excuse!

  5. Going makeup shopping this weekend. Can you please tape yourself doing the makeup and send it to me? KTHANKSBYE

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