shock & vom

September 18, 2013

I've been trying to update this thing and I find myself either too tired or just too busy.  But fear not, I am here.  Ben joined the gym with me and we've been working out together, which I love.  I have been doing the pool more because it doesn't hurt my knee like the machines do.  The past few days I've really been feeling the fatigue they told me would come between weeks 2-4.  I'm on my 4th post op week, so I guess that still counts.  Nevertheless, I'm taking B12 everyday and it doesn't even really do anything for me.

I'm still taking the blood thinner shots.  I've become quite the professional at giving myself shots.  Also, if anyone else needs a shot, I'm your gal.  Not real sure why you wouldn't just get one from the doctor, but hey, never hurts to offer.

I weighed myself over the weekend to find that I had dropped FIVE POUNDS.  I stood in the bathroom, jaw dropped & in total shock, for like 5 minutes.  It's just coming off so fast!  Some days are weird.  I forget that I had this surgery, yet still make all the necessary changes.  I was very quickly reminded of my surgery and just how small my stomach is on Sunday night when Ben and I went out to dinner for the first time since surgery.

I thought really long and hard about what I could eat.  We looked at the nutritional values for all the meals at Ruby Tuesdays before we went, so I was prepared and knew what I needed to order.  The hickory bourbon salmon sounded amazing and met all of my needed criteria, so I was pretty excited!  I should've been thinking a little bit clearer though, because I also ordered steamed broccoli.  I thought since it said "steamed" it would be soft and totally fine for my stomach.

A few minutes into the meal, I had to excuse myself.  Good thing I got up when I did, because the next thing I know I am vomiting in the Ruby Tuesday's bathroom.  (If you couldn't tell, I like to keep it super classy.)  Throwing up is a totally new feeling since surgery.  It feels as though you have this huge amount in your stomach that needs to come up, but it was really just the few bites I had taken.  And once they came up, I didn't feel any better.  I was still nauseated and had stabbing pains in my pouch, I'm sure from the broccoli trying to pass through and not being able to.  The hole from my stomach to my intestines is only the size of a dime, so I know that broccoli didn't make it through.  Even yesterday I still felt a little queasy and didn't have an appetite for any food.  The bariatric coordinator warned me about this happening, but it still really sucked.
I'm really excited to have reach the 30 pound mark!  20 more until 50 pounds gone forever.  I'm hoping to lose those 20 pounds in the next month so Ben and I can take engagement pictures!  So much exciting stuff happening at once!
SW: 311
CW: 278.5


  1. 30 lbs in 4 weeks is awesome! You are doing so good. I love when Derek and I work out together, it really keeps me motivated. Keep up the good work!

  2. This is so exciting girl! Way to stick to your guns. After losing 20+ lbs myself, I totally get this new found confidence. I'm so proud of you!